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"... certainly the best keyboard of its kind I've ever had under my fingers! The dynamic range is on a new level for a semi-weighted keyboard. Congratulations!"

The C11 is a high-end controller for music production and live performance with laptop, MacBook, tablet and smartdevices.

Audio demos recorded by ambitious amateurs. Thoughts on this in the F A Q (german):

Not only professionals sound much better on a high-end instrument

C11 Keyboard/Controller. Sounds extern. Lead: C11 PolyDynamic Ribbon Preset SL 05 Fretless Poly.

C11 Ribbon Preset SL 05 Fretless. Lead track solo. E Piano MarkII Pianoteq. Dry v. effects

C11 Keyboard Midi Hi Res: ON, Piano Touch: ON. Sound: Stutzflügel Hamburg B Pianoteq

C11 Keyboard Midi Hi Res: ON, Piano Touch: ON Sound: E Piano MarkII Pianoteq

C11 Poly Ribbon Preset SL 05 Fretless Poly. Polyphonic glissando. Dry v. effects

Thanks to our (guaranteed AI-free ;-) company band "Elfinger"... see more F A Q german)

What makes the C11 special:

The feel and the dynamic range of the 76-note semi-weighted keyboard

The Poly Dynamic Ribbon

FLK Audio Out. (Optional)
with audio outputs: Line, XLR, Headphone and
MIDI via USB C with PD charging (power delivery).

32 additional high quality freely assignable controllers.

Robust metal housing 11 Kg.

With this combination, the C11 should be unique on the market.

With the wheels and 32 free knobs, sliders, buttons you can control synthesizer modules live and in real time, set organ register, switch configurations, sound effects and much more.
In between there is space for your laptop, iPad etc.

With the Poly Dynamic Ribbon, newly developed by us, you can solo polyphonically, velocity-dynamically and also with microtonal elements. Glissandi, portamenti, "bendings" on electric guitars, etc.

In other words, you can play all kinds of tonal frequencies between semitones with your fingers, like a singer or violinist.

The Ribbon is MPE compatible and can send true polyphonic aftertouch.

With Performance Octave Shift via pedal, the entire note range is available.

Real time Pitch Correction is also possible.

To get you started right away, we will prepare sample settings of various sound programs on our website.

With the USB C cable connector you can connect your smartdevice and also power it at the same time. MIDI USB B and Din 5 pin is of course also available.

The optional high-end audio outputs save you from tricky and vulnerable cable connections at the headphone output of your smart device or complicated further cabling with external audio interfaces and/or DI boxes.

Compatibility with the optional, wear-free FLK LS MK23 Triple Light Pedal gives you stepless control of piano pedal functions or any free controllers.

So you're ready for any live situation.

This makes live performing with laptop, tablet (and if you like smartdevices) really fun and meaningful.

Technical details C11:

Semi-weighted keyboard. Significantly improved play feel due to various FLK modifications.

Piano Touch (piano action simulation by FLK)

Key pressure regulated

Key bounce felt.


Stepless dynamic control for touch feeling "key weight".

14 buttons, 9 sliders and 9 knobs definable as free controllers.

Poly Dynamic Ribbon:
Generates dynamic touches even directly on the ribbon.
Polyphonic, velocity dynamic, microtonal playable.
MPE compatible. True polyphonic aftertouch.

Midi Merge. USB and MIDI can be used simultaneously

MIDI activity display

MIDI Hi Res / MIDI Standard switchable

3 digit 7 segment display.

Piano key operation.

Key off velocity.

High quality, exclusive workmanship.
Housing made entirely of sheet steel.
Side panels veneered in real wood.
No visible screws on side panels and operating surface.
Slider with felt guide

Dimensions in cm:
Length 110,5, width 33,5
Height 11 with wheels and feet
Weight ca 11 kg

Pitch Wheel

Modulation Wheel

2 inputs for optional FLK double or FLK triple pedal. E.g. damper, soft pedal, sostenuto.

2 inputs for expression pedals of different jack polarity TRS, RTS

All pedal controllers also individually switchable (on - off switch) and freely assignable.

Prepared for optional FLK light pedal LS MK23:

All 3 pedals continuously. Optical, contactless measurement. Internal 250 steps, midi output 128.

All optional FLK pedals are equipped with non-slip coating.

User calibration possible for some continuous pedals from other manufacturers.

Automatic "contact open / closed" detection for other pedals.

On board graphics and 3 digit 7 segment display, push buttons, endless knobs for piano key operation.


2 MIDI out 1 Midi In


USB C with charging function

Two 6,3 stereo jacks for pedals

Two 6,3 stereo jacks for expression/controller

Socket power supply 12 V 1,5 A

Audio out:

XLR Left Symetrical/ Right Symetrical

6,3 jacks left mono/right

Headphones: 6.3 and 3.5 stereo jacks

Out groups separately adjustable

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