Spare parts:

price incl. 20% tax
excl. shipment


Wheels box 65,-

FLK power supply 35 ,-


Fatar printed circuit boards:
set with linked
wires 95 ,-

Single board:
49 contacts 75,-
39 contacts  65,-

Single Sensorstrip: 12 contacts 15 ,-
13 contatcs 20,-
3 contacts 20,-

Key coil spring 3 ,-

3,5mm  x 9mm


minimum order:
25 , -

prices are per item unless stated otherwise

(For ex. one set Fatar PC Boards + Sensorstrips)
Austria ca 20 ,-
Germany ca 30,-

see AGB

We also offer:

Fatar  Sensorplatinen  new:

fits nearly all Fatar 88er keyboards, for ex. TP40 and TP10

are used in:

Studiologic e.g. : SL 880 / 990. Numa, Numa Piano, Numa Nero etc.
Döpfer e.g.: LMK 1+, PK88, LMK2, LMK4 etc
Nord (Clavia)
and many more...
NOT working with Roland


Single Sensorstrip:


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You transfer the amount in question.

We ship the goods immediatly after receiving the full amount in our account.

Inquiries and orders please send to:   

i n f o @ flke

or reg. mail to:
FL Keys e. U.
Eslarngasse 15/73
A - 1030 WIEN