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The Keys

The rich experience of the FLK team is also in this lightweight, robust semi-weight.

Touch data and the stepless dynamic control knob were taken from the big brother MK23.

This results in a unique playing feel and the widest possible dynamic range.
From the softest Pianissimo PPP to the most powerful FFF Forte.
All this with a keyboard weight of 11 kg.

Our goal was to optimize a semi-weight as much as possible, even for pianistically trained players.
Many keyboards of similar design give way at a certain velocity, bend, seem soft and unpredictable or bounce on the fingers.
After our modifications, the FLK Semiweight can mechanically as well as metrologically absorb and output the most powerful strokes of a pianist in all dynamic ranges.
We have of course tested this extensively with professionals.

Paul Urbanek is a renowned jazz pianist and also plays good keyboards.
(Productions with Alegre Correa, Wolfgang Puschnig, Hans Koller, Harry Stoika, Doretta Carter, and many more).

Picture: During recordings for the current CD "The other Armstrong

"... certainly the best keyboard of its kind I've ever had under my fingers! The dynamic range is on a new level for a semi-weighted keyboard. Congratulations!"

In addition, we have developed Piano Touch to simulate the dynamic timing of a grand piano keyboard. This also significantly improves the pianistic feel.

Piano Touch can be switched off, of course, and synth players can use the dynamics knob to regulate themselves in their usual range.