Keyboard P D Ribbon Controller Download FLK Audio out

Option: Lsound FLK Audio out

On request, we can install the FLK Lsound board into your Lachnit Controller.

Integrating a key controller into a live setup is often a challenge.

Complicated cabling with external audio interfaces and/or DI boxes.
Heavy stage cable connections on the tiny, sensitive headphone output of your device.
Chargers, power supplies, etc....

We've integrated all of that into our high-end controller.

Just plug in the USB-C cable of your device.That's it!


USB C   MIDI / Audio Interface PD

The USB C to USB C connection enables the charging function, lowest latency and greatest possible safety in stage use.

Via the USB C jack connect your device (laptop, Ipad etc..), play their sounds directly and your device is powered at the same time.

You no longer need an external audio interface box.

OUT 6,3 mono jack sockets line out unbalanced. Right, left/Mono

OUT balanced XLR line out balanced right, left. Pin 2 hot

3,5 Stereo jack socket
6,3 Stereo jack socket

Tech. details:

Samplerate up to 192 kHz possible.

PD Power Delivery

8 output channels.

The master volume knob controls all connection groups.

The outputs channels can also be controlled individually if required. (monitor mix on the club stage etc.).
You can assign port groups to any knob on your keyboard.

Output groups without assignment are still controlled by the master volume knob.

High-quality Long Live output electrolytic capacitors for each audio output channel with extra-high capacitance value for distortion-free reproduction of lowest frequencies.
Switched physically separated outputs (micro relays) for 100% decoupling of the end devices and suppression of interfering on/off noises.