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FLK Poly Dynamic Ribbon

Here is a test from the workshop with our C11 prototype

Short introduction: (More details in the C11 manual).
The markings in the ribbon window correspond to the scale of the key ends. This results in 2 octaves. Special "grooves" in the ribbon window facilitate the haptic orientation on the ribbon.

FLK Ribbon Grooves
Pic C11 serial modell.

Our settings for the demo videos:

We will provide a Pianoteq sound with all Pianoteq settings for first experimentation. You can find both pianoteq files in our download area. Then load the two files into Pianoteq. Should also work with the Pianoteq demo version.

Link Files soon

Info for MIDI pro's:
Set pitch bend range in sound software to 24 (or plus/minus 12). FLK Keyboard transmits on MIDI 1. FLK Ribbon transmits on MIDI 2 (MPE 2 - 16)

Select Setup SL4 with the Poly Dynamic Ribbon buttons.
The spacings corresponds now to the semitones in the scale.
Piano: Touch the ribbon lightly.
Forte: Touch the ribbon quickly..

Keep your finger on the ribbon. Slide higher or lower. The sound pitch will follow the movement without any delay.

Frequency Vibrato: Roll your finger slightly to the left or right.
Amplitude Vibrato: Roll your finger forward or backward.
You can also combine both movements to play a very expressive vibrato.

With two push buttons you can change the octave positions while playing. For ex. B8 lower B9 higher. This way you have the complete note range at your disposal. It is even more elegant to change the octaves with the pedals. This way you always have both hands to perform.

Automatic pitch correction. "In Tune". (Can be turned off.)
The Ribbon responds extremely accurately and instantly (latency-free) to the slightest finger movements. This allows for very subtle and expressive playing. To help you get started with "fretless" playing, we have developed a pitch correction feature.
But the pure, nuanced, free world of microtonality will only open up to you in its full extent without correction. It takes courage, confidence and some practice to master the full expressive power of the PD Ribbon.

Aftertouch: Increase or decrease finger pressure, or roll it forward or backward with the finger surface.

Technical details of the implementation of finger movements:
How fast do I tap.> Touch velocity, note on velocity
How fast do I release.> Release velocity. Note off velocity
Left right movement.> Vibrato, pitch, glide.
Finger area larger <> smaller change E.g. aftertouch, vibrato, filter cut off, wah wah effect etc.
Combination Left right with finger area <>Simultaneous frequency and amplitude vibrato.

Ribbon Presets:

SL1 Ribbon Pitch
Corresponds to the classic ribbon controller.
The pitch of the notes played on the keyboard can be changed (similar to the pitch wheel).
Simultaneous frequency and amplitude vibrato possible.

SL2 Single Glissando
Monophonic. Fixed dynamics. The note played on the PD Ribbon can be changed as a chromatic glissando. As long as the finger remains on the ribbon, no new note on is generated.

SL3 Poly Glissando
Polyphonic. Fixed dynamics. Several notes simultaneously played on the ribbon can also be changed individually as chromatic glissando.
With each note change a new note on is generated.

SL4 Fretless Solo
Monophonic. Touch dynamic. Finger surface as CC0 (aftertouch). "In Tune".
The note played on the ribbon can be continuously changed as a glissando (portamento). As long as the finger remains on the ribbon, no new note on is generated.
We have developed "in tune" to facilitate intonation (hitting the right pitch).

SL5 Fretless Poly:
Polyphonic. Velocity sensitive.
Finger surfaces selectively as CC 0 (polyphonic aftertouch) fretless "in tune".
Several notes played simultaneously on the ribbon can be changed together and also individually continuously as glissando (portamento). As long as the respective finger remains on the ribbon, no new note on is generated.
"In Tune" to facilitate intonation (hitting the right pitch).

SL6 Custom:
Experiment yourself with combinations of the PD Ribbon settings (Manual page 17) and the control options:
Touch Velocity, Note on Velocity. Pitch Glide. Pitch. Pitch correction "In Tune" off.
Finger surface controller freely selectable (factory aftertouch) CC select with Contr. set

For details about Midi, settings, setups and combinations please refer to the C11 manual.