By customer request the MK23 is now compatible with the FLK Control App C11. Available as an option.
You can download and try FLK Control for free in the App Store.
Connect iPad iphone save to MK23 using Apple Camera Adapter and USB cable.

Advantages of the FLK Control App:
Your keyboard is in the rehearsal room, in the trunk, currently not available. You are in the train, in the cafe or at home and prepare your lachnit for the next rehearsal, the next gig. Later you transfer your settings into the keyboard or Vice Versa the other way round. Settings from the keyboard with a touch in the smartphone and save.

Of course all settings and MIDI functions can still be adjusted as usual using the piano key controls.

Developers for reputable and high-quality sound software mostly try to derive the dynamic behavior from natural acoustic instruments.
Our controller is often used as a reference keyboard. Therefore, special cranked dynamic curves are not necessary to adapt your Lachnit keyboard to really good sound software
If you want you can adjust the "key weight" with the dynamic knob anyway. The full MIDI resolution is always retained.

We recommend you use only high quality sound modules, expanders or sound libaries with powerful computers (PC or Mac).